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Abacus Multiplication

This Abacus multiplication tutorial teaches how to use an abacus for multiplication. This CBT explains Abacus multiplication with the help of animated video and lot of Abacus multiplication examples.Our Abacus Courses are very simple to understand and any kid can learn abacus using this.
Multiplication on abacus is done in the similar way we do it with paper and pencil. For doing this calculation on abacus, one should be familiar with the multiplication tables up to 9. Here in our tutorial, we cover abacus multiplication in detail. The complete steps are animated and illustrated in detail with audio guidance. This tutorial covers multiplication of up to 3digit x 3 digit numbers. Using our animated simple to understand examples, anyone can easily master the multiplication method on abacus. See the below abacus multiplication example which is taken from our tutorial.Please note that "practice makes a man perfect" and we strongly recommend our customers to practice this on our 17 rod abacus supplied along with this training kit.

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Multiplication steps