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Main feature of AbacusMaster abacus classes is its easy to understand method. Entire abacus calculations are explained in detail with voice guidance. The abacus visualization and abacus video practice are the most attractive features of AbacusMaster.
  • Abacus Animated and interactive examples with Audio guidance.
  • Abacus Training kit includes animated and interactive Abacus tutorial with virtual abacus engine inbuilt (download link) along with 17rod real Soroban Abacus just for 35$ (including shipping worldwide)
  • Abacus Visualization Practice window.
  • Abacus Video Practice with flashing of random number combination for developing speed and accuracy. This helps student to do speedy abacus calculations up to 5 numbers in mind within a second.
  • Real 17 rod Abacus shipped to every buyer.
  • Unlimited Abacus Practice session
  • Upto 5 digit abacus calculations.
  • Completely interactive abacus examples
  • Fully animated teach yourself program
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Most cost effective abacus training software
  • Abacus Calculations up to 5 digit numbers
  • Very simple to understand.
  • Illustrative steps with abacus animation
  • Audio explanation for each steps
  • Infinite practice sessions and no more need for abacus worksheets
  • Step by step animated abacus explanations
  • Abacus Addition and Subtraction up to 5 digit with5 digit numbers
  • Abacus Multiplication up to 3 digit by 3 digit numbers
  • Abacus Division up to 4 digit by 2 digit numbers