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Why Abacus

Maths Abacus is one of the fastest way of doing calculation and AbacusMaster is the most efficent way to learn Abacus. Learning Soroban Abacus training is no more a difficult task as our Abacus classes offers unlimited abacus worksheets and kids can practice the same.
It is difficult to imagine counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers did not exist. The earliest counting device was the human hand and its fingers. Then, as larger quantities (larger than ten human-fingers could represent) were counted, various natural items like pebbles and twigs were used to help count. Merchants in those days not only needed a way to count goods they bought and sold, but also to calculate its costs. Until numbers were invented, counting devices were used to make everyday calculations. The abacus is one of many counting devices invented to help count large numbers.

Abacus math method of calculations is considered to be one of the fastest way of calculations. AbacusMaster is an animated and interactive software abacus tutorial which will help one to learn abacus quickly and effectively.  This abacus training software explains how to use an abacus in a simple way. This software helps a kid to use abacus for doing mental abacus calculations and is the best abacus tutorial for kids. AbacusMaster's abacus visualization module and video practice session are the best abacus practice software which will help your kid to improve their speed and accuracy on abacus. Abacusmaster's abacus classes are designed by professionals in this field and is fine tuned for fast abacus learning. In this abacus training software, we cover abacus addition, abacus subtraction, abacus multiplication and abacus division with more than hundred animated examples. Along with the above said topics, there is a abacus visualization practice which will help kids to imagine abacus bead movements and this will help your kid to learn abacus calculation in a faster way. The video practice session will help kids to improve their speed and accuracy on abacus calculation.

AbacusMaster, provides a start up education to make learning interesting, lively and full of fun. It develops children concentration, thinking, observance, reading and writing abilities.

At AbacusMaster, we use Soroban Abacus as a tool for development of Child's Brain. We introduce different ways of mental calculations that develops numerous abilities and ultimately helps in development of Right Brain. This is the only program which teaches these techniques through Interactive and Virtual methods. The course is designed in such a way that children enjoy it a lot. During the course they undergo lot of brain development exercises, which enhances their mental abilities massively.

AbacusMaster, as the name indicates, will make you an expert in the abacus counting and calculations. We provide the simplest, basic and animated Computer based tutorial with voice explanation. This virtual engine also comes along with an actual 17 rod everyday abacus.

It only cost you one time 50$ and half-hour each day to make you or your child a maestro in soroban.

Motivation is something that pushes everyone to their endless limits. Once you have something to look upto, let your life take you up the toll. Abacus gives you motivation, self confidence and even better, makes you much more active, attentive and brilliant.

Usually, the left-side of the brain is used by an everyday human being. Science has proved that continous use of abacus is able to develop the unused right-side of your brain. Think about how much you can achieve if you started to utilize more than what you are now.

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