NATIONAL LEVEL ABACUS COMPETITION ( NLC ) : The result will be declared on 21st July 2019. To know more, login to your franchise portal.

Anzan is a method of flashing numbers on screen with a speed corresponds to student level. Students can practice visualization effectively with the help of Anzan videos given at all levels. More than 500 videos are available with different speeds, number series, operands, different number of digits etc are available for the students.

With the help of audio, students can use this tool while practising with Abacus also. Abacus centres usually have teachers reading out this for students, and the same can be achieved with our practice videos. With a sufficient pause after each series, answer will be shown and read out for verification. This brings confidence and a competitive spirit for students to practice more and more. Parents are advised to encourage them and praise them with positive compliments while they climb up to higher levels.