INTERNATIONAL LEVEL ONLINE ABACUS COMPETITION ( ILC ) : For students of all the AbacusMaster franchisees outside India would be held on 20th and 21st September 2019

Practice worksheets are limited always with Abacus study centres. It is evident that student requires more and more practice to master Abacus skills and parents or teachers have to create worksheets available for the students depending upon the stage of the student. This is considered to be highly time consuming and a hectic job. Not only they have to create customised worksheets, but have to get the answers calculated by themselves.

With the help of technology, AbacusMaster creates a unique solution for this. Now, the parents, teachers, students can create their own worksheets with just a click. The system will generate infinite number of worksheets (questions will not be repeated) and is available upto 5 Digit 15 Rows Addition/ Subtraction. All the combinations are given separately and students can access the worksheets which are marked correctly against each levels.