INTERNATIONAL LEVEL ONLINE ABACUS COMPETITION ( ILC ) : For students of all the AbacusMaster franchisees outside India would be held on 20th and 21st September 2019

Abacus Tutorial

Abacus Tutorial VS Abacus Portal
  • Downloadable program for self learning.
  • Fast paced program.
  • Covers abacus calculations maximum upto 5 digits.
  • It shows step by step animated explanations for abacus bead movements.
  • Test your skills feature available.
  • Unlimited Abacus Practice sessions are incorporated.

Abacus Portal

Differences Between Abacus Portal & Abacus Tutoriasl
  • Online- Requires Internet connection for learning.
  • Superior than the tutorial considering more number of features.
  • Structured Abacus learning based on AbacusMaster detailed syllabus.
  • Following a Level wise learning approach - Level 1 to Level 8.
  • All the Abacus rules are very well explained along with animated explanations.
  • Covers topics from very basic to complex calculations.
  • Detailed instructions and explanations are given for guided learning.
  • Students should take an online exam to proceed from one level to another.
  • Successful candidates will be given certificate from AbacusMaster once they have completed 4th level and 8th level.
  • More than 800 Anzan videos (level-wise assigned) to improve the speed and visualization skills.
  • Unlimited worksheets with random questions. This feature is available WITH or WITHOUT answers for the easiness of parent/teacher review. Printing on A4 feature is also enabled.
  • Mental accelerator features.