Abacus Vs Vedic Mathematics: Know the Difference

In today's world, math is considered a robust subject for international expertise and helps in the overall betterment of an individual. It is a known fact that people will go to great lengths to master arithmetic, calculations, algebra, and the rest of the parameters in the subject. People often end up in a dilemma as to which of these short courses, namely Abacus or Vedic mathematics, would be most beneficial for themselves as well as for their children.

                                   Vedic and abacus

People who enjoy mathematics are pleased about performing the quickest calculations since Vedic Maths and the Abacus employ simple calculation techniques. Vedic Math and the Abacus helps those who detested computations to easily complete even the most challenging ones. Student's ability to recall formulae and processes with the least amount of effort possible aids with memory retention and attentiveness.The most challenging problems involving cube roots, square roots, cubes, and squares may also be easily solved whith both Abacus and Vedic mathematics. They are better understood when the fundamentals are clear. When the principles are understood, a youngster can answer any number of problems using his intuition. Everyone will do anything to acquire an advantage over rivals in this world of fierce rivalry. The likelihood of having an edge is unclear given the expansion of coaching organisations and low-cost books. However, Vedic mathematics and Abacus are two fields that offer the potential for an advantage in terms of computations. Have you ever thought, "I wish I had 10 more minutes," to yourself? Two of these mathamatical methods can save you a lot more time than that, even if it doesn't get you an extra 10 minutes. 


Nowadays, both abacus and Vedic mathematics have gained popularity among students. It is the parents, who are mostly well educated and who seek high expectations from their children, who take up these courses, and in most cases, they exert an immense burden on their kids. Anyhow, calculations can be performed at a much greater pace by using various formulas and specific tricks. Abacus is a computational tool used to move counters along bars or grooves to perform mathematical functions. The abacus can not only calculate the basic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but also improve the in-built accuracy using numbers. On the other hand, Vedic math is a mixture of different mathematical concepts that can be easily learned by using certain formulas and tricks. Nevertheless, kids need to remember these tips and tricks, as well as consistent practice to become finely tuned with these methods.


The difference between the two is that the abacus deals with arithmetic, whereas Vedic math is a combination of tricks or schemes known as sutras. Vedic math covers all the areas of mathematics, while Abacus covers simply the variable-based math part of arithmetic. If I were to compare both of these learning methodologies, I feel Abacus gives an overall boost to the children's confidence as well as their mental abilities. It also helps boost the morale of the children. It uses a simple tool and allows children to develop their concentration as well as their skills in mathematics. It was also proven to have improved their memory power. To sum up, Abacus training is much more advantageous than Vedic mathematics.


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