kid learning mental math through Abacus

Why did children learn abacus easily, not adults?

Do you know that it's easier for children to capture and learn abacus than adults? Isn't it quite interesting? Let's dive into the facts behind this. In a recent research study conducted with 10 to 15 children and adults at a leading company in Japan, they delved deep into the phenomenon

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How much time will it take to learn Abacus?

Do you know that the abacus is a tool with ancient origins? It has been revered for its ability to perform calculations efficiently. Learning the abacus involves mastering not just the instrument itself, but also the techniques and mental processes that accompany it. The time it takes to become proficient

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Importance of Abacus Classes

The Power and Significance of Abacus Classes

In a world that's speeding up and relying more on technology than ever before, the importance of foundational mental skills cannot be stressed enough. One of these skills, which has stood the test of time and is now making a comeback, is mental arithmetic, often taught through Abacus classes. These

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Mental calculation skills and abacus


One day, while grocery shopping, an unexpected test of my skills presented itself. Calculating the total bill mentally, I instinctively employed the abacus techniques I had been practising. To my amazement, I swiftly and accurately arrived at the correct amount, impressing both the cashier and myself. This real-world application of

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roi of abacus franchise

Calculate the ROI from Abacus Franchise

Kids are invaluable resources for our future, because they are the face of next generation. Education stimulates for ones personal growth, economic development and socio-cultural enrichment. So in whatever condition, parents will spend money for child education and for extracurricular activities. Abacus is one of a program that helps for

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Abacus and its apllications

Abacus and its Applications in Various Domains

Abacus is a frequent term we hear, but have you ever considered how abacus might be useful in our daily lives? And what about its applications? For decades, the abacus has been taught all across the world. Understanding what Abacus is and its uses is vital for gaining an advantage

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personalised online abacus learning

Empowering Personalized Learning with Abacus Online Portal

Privacy has become increasingly important to us as individuals in today's changing times. Personalized attention is often more effective as we progress through generations than learning in large groups. This is why the modern world places great emphasis on personalized lifestyles. Whether it's customized diet plans, coaching, training, or learning,

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Abacus learning benefits on kids

Sailing Smoothly: Conquering Challenges as an Abacus Franchisee

Are you an Abacus franchise, looking to make a significant impact in the field of mental arithmetic education? If so, you may have wondered how to navigate the unique challenges that come with being an Abacus franchisee. As a franchisee in this specialized market, you have entered a world focused

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abacus learning will remove phone addiction


Have you ever considered why we still use pen and paper even though we have i-pads and tablets? Have you considered why we still depend upon newspapers when we have online news portals? Why use traditional crafts like weaving and embroidery or conventional musical instruments like flute, pianos, drums, etc,

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Child Concentrating On Abacus Learning


Bending over your desk with a significant task to dive into but with the mind straying down memory lane, perhaps a phone notification? These are situations we have been through while trying to concentrate on something. Concentration is a valued quality that is inexcusable in the fast-paced world that we live

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abacus learning is a brain excerise

Why Parents Should Encourage Abacus Learning for improved cognition and brain development for their child : A Parents' Guide

 Mathematics is usually considered challenging; I always wonder about parents fretting about their children's math skills. Have you thought of possible causes for their sluggishness? There will undoubtedly be one student in every class struggling to solve the arithmetic problems. In contrast, everyone else has already found the answer.A typical

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Qualities of an Abacus Trainer.

Must Have Qualities of an Abacus Trainer.

Are you considering a career as an abacus trainer or interested in learning more about the key skills required to excel in this field? Look no further! We’ll cover the must-have qualities that every abacus trainer should possess.AttentivenessAn abacus trainer must be attentive to the needs of their students, providing

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Adult Leaning Abacus


Contrary to popular belief, age is just a number and does not define one's ability to learn new things. Despite the challenges that come with learning, it is a crucial aspect of personal growth and development. So, the question arises, can adults learn abacus? The answer is a resounding yes.

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childrens running to school

Importance and benefits of learning abacus from school

Schools are the roots of every kid's future. Kids spent more time at school than at home. They learn new things, habits, and skills from schools. They learn many subjects like science, math, language, the arts, etc.If you ask a kid which subject they fear most, the majority of kids

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Challenges for Abacus brain


How it helped to improve my skills. For thousands of years, people have performed mathematical computations using the abacus, a small yet effective tool. But specifically, how does it improve cognition and brain growth?Using visual and spatial memory is one technique the abacus aids with mental computation. When using an abacus,

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Abacus Vs Vedic Mathematics: Know the Difference

In today's world, math is considered a robust subject for international expertise and helps in the overall betterment of an individual. It is a known fact that people will go to great lengths to master arithmetic, calculations, algebra, and the rest of the parameters in the subject. People often end

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Child learning abacus

Online Abacus Education: Pros & Cons.

The future generations now have a catastrophic scenario to face. They didn't get to enjoy the time spent in the classroom to its maximum, as they had online classes instead. Everything became online, even the parent meetings, competitions, assemblies, etc.The pandemic has instigated a transition among students and teachers to

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A boy giving thumbs up, with an abacus rod and trophy on the table.

International Abacus Olympiad- 2022: A Quick Recap.

The biggest international abacus Olympiad (IAO) of all time has followed the legacy of its previous years and has been a big triumph this year also. International Abacus Olympiad, more commonly known among others as  IAO, was a tremendous success this time. The IAO is a platform for children where they

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Chinese vs Japanese abacus rods

Chinese vs Japanese Abacus

Prior to the introduction of calculators, computers, and other advanced technologies, people in Asia used specialized tools to make mathematical calculations. The abacus, a practical calculating device made up of a frame with movable beads strung on a wire, was one of these tools. It is based on the principle of

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Cartoonish Abacus rod


Mathematics is the subject most of us love to hate. Calculations and playing with numbers are part and parcel of our everyday lives.It is said “Go down deep enough into anything and you will find Mathematics”.Abacus learning makes math calculation process easy and interesting. Introduction of abacus at the apt

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Side view vector face whose brain filled with day to day icons


The brain as we all know is the most important organ in the human body. It controls and coordinates actions and reactions, allows us to think and feel, and enables us to have memories and feelings. A healthy brain is just as important as a healthy body. Efforts must be put in to keep it active all

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Wooden colorful Abacus


Mathematics is not an easy subject for everybody and teaching Math to your little one can turn out to be a nightmare if you are not good at Math yourself. Mathematics have always been a subject of my admiration. It challenges my intellect at all stages of my existence. I have tried

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children with colorful abacus


Practice makes a man perfect is a proverb that refers to the importance of practice in human life. There is no short-cut way to get a mastery's in any field. People who have excelled in their respective fields, be it sports, literature, arts, science, space research, or automobile, have achieved it with

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abacus rod


If you’re thinking to enrol your kids for Abacus classes, then you must be aware of the benefits it reaps. Besides the dramatic improvement in  the ability to calculate, both on the abacus and mentally, it is beneficial in other areas too. Let’s write down few of it’s benefits.  1. PROFICIENCY IN MATHEMATICS Mathematics

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Abacus word cross


Most of us must have heard the word “abacus”. If not, it’s the way of doing mathematical calculation using an abacus rod. The abacus rod consists of a rectangular frame with multiple rods. Each rod consists of beads, which are moved up and down, with the help of the index

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Abacus franchisee


Abacus training is one of the fastest growing Education industry that comes with various new opportunities. And for that reason, many brands are emerging everyday that all looks pretty much same if we see it from outside.Mostly, you are likely to start the training at your neighbourhood. And the biggest

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Abacus students


It is an obvious question that comes to parents mind when they plan to enrol their child to Abacus training. AbacusMaster has been giving the adequate guidance for more than a decade and our study centers are provided enough orientation on this. Let's talk about this in here.WHAT IS THE

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abacus with a boy


Galileo said “Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the Universe.”As we all know numbers are part and parcel of our daily lives. From the moment of our birth till the end of life, we humans have to deal with numbers. And the irony is that most of us

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