abacus learning age


Contrary to popular belief, age is just a number and does not define one's ability to learn new things. Despite the challenges that come with learning, it is a crucial aspect of personal growth and development. So, the question arises, can adults learn abacus? The answer is a resounding yes. Challenges in learning anything new are unavoidable. Whether it's a new subject in school, a new skill in the workplace, or just picking up a new hobby, learning often comes with its own set of difficulties. But despite these challenges, learning is a vital aspect of personal growth and development.

                                           Women with Abacus

Abacus is a mental calculation tool that involves using beads on a frame to represent numbers and perform arithmetic operations. It can be beneficial for adults who want to improve their mental math abilities. Abacus may be learned via a variety of tools, including a self-learning portal, online courses, books, and in-person classes. These resources can teach you how to operate an abacus step-by-step and provide exercises to help you improve your skills. Regular practice is essential to becoming proficient with the abacus, especially if you start at an older age. It's important to note that some adults may be able to grasp the fundamentals of abacus quickly, while others may require more time and practice. Additionally, the extent to which an adult can perform mental math like a child after learning abacus will depend on factors such as

  • Their natural aptitude for mental math,
  • Level of motivation and dedication to practice,
  • And the amount of time they spend practicing


It is also worth noting that children may have an advantage when it comes to mental math because they have had more time to develop their skills and may have a natural aptitude for it. Nevertheless, with practice and dedication, adults can still make significant improvements in their mental math abilities.

Adults, on the other hand, can effectively teach abacus even if they must stress themselves to perfect it. Even if the instructor has trouble visualising, it is possible to ensure that their students do mental calculations. You may be extremely familiar with the principles, but greater digits may be tough to compute mentally without the aid of an abacus tool.Finally, it's important to understand that difficulty in learning are not only normal but also necessary. Learning is not just about acquiring new information but also about stretching your limits and growing as a person.


Following are the ways to make abacus learning effective for adults:

  1. Consistent practise is key to improving visualisation skills. Set aside time each day to work on abacus exercises and techniques.
  2. Begin with simple addition and subtraction problems and gradually move on to more complex problems.
  3. Visual aids such as videos and illustrations can help people better understand the abacus and its workings. A learning portal to complement live classes will do this job.
  4. Improving spatial awareness can also help with abacus mastery. Try activities such as Puzzles, Sudoku , Brain Teasers, Mental accelerators, etc.


It's also important to be patient and keep in mind that learning a new subject takes time and practice. Maintain your efforts, and you will see results over time. The key to overcoming any difficulties is to stay focused on your end goal and to remind yourself of the benefits of what you're learning. After all is said and done, it goes without saying that the phrases "abacus" and "adults" no longer appear to be mutually exclusive. And as an adult, you can still learn abacus and master it.