Abbrevation of Abacus Trainer

Must Have Qualities of an Abacus Trainer.

Are you considering a career as an abacus trainer or interested in learning more about the key skills required to excel in this field? Look no further! We’ll cover the must-have qualities that every abacus trainer should possess.


An abacus trainer must be attentive to the needs of their students, providing individual attention and guidance as necessary.


It's important for an abacus trainer to be able to communicate effectively in both the local language and in English, as many students may come from diverse backgrounds.


Abacus trainers need to adapt their teaching style and approach students with different learning needs and styles.


Abacus trainers must creatively engage students through lively activities and innovative teaching methods.


Abacus trainers should be empathetic and understanding towards their students, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses and providing support and encouragement accordingly.

Strong foundational knowledge

An abacus trainer should have a strong foundational knowledge of abacus and be able to teach the concepts effectively.

Time management

Abacus trainers should be able to manage their time effectively, ensuring that they cover all the necessary concepts and topics within the allocated time.


Abacus trainers should be reliable and punctual, setting a good example for their students to follow.


A positive attitude can go a long way in motivating students and creating a conducive learning environment.


Abacus trainers should be innovative in their teaching approach and continuously seek new methods and techniques to improve their teaching.


Abacus trainers should be nurturing and supportive, creating a safe and encouraging environment where students feel comfortable to ask questions and learn.


Abacus trainers should be enthusiastic about teaching and passionate about helping their students to achieve their full potential.


Abacus trainers should be responsive to feedback and continually seek ways to improve their teaching based on student feedback.

Being an abacus trainer requires a combination of knowledge, creativity, empathy, and passion for teaching. With these qualities, an abacus trainer can help their students in laying a strong foundation in mathematics and equip them with lifelong skills that they can use in their academic and professional careers. A well-designed training program, like the one offered by Abacus Master, follows the LTOP methodology



  • Live training
  • Individualised training
  • Interactive learning portal
  • Access for 1 year


  • Evaluate yourself
  • Level wise assessment
  • Centralised exam engine
  • Mock test


  • Virtual class
  • Pre-recorded classes


  • Mental accelerator
  • Virtual abacus
  • Unlimited worksheet
  • Level wise questions
  • 1000 +  Anzan Videos



  • Level wise questions
  • Questions never repeat



  • Anzan is a method of flashing numbers on screen with a speed that corresponds to student level


  • It is a tool designed to improve the speed of your visualisation skills.
  • You can customise the arithmetic operators, operands, series, speed, delay, etc.


Abacus teacher training aims to provide high-quality education to improve children's mental calculation abilities. We are confident that our program is the best choice for anyone looking to excel in this field. So why wait? Join us today and take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in abacus education!