It is an obvious question that comes to parents mind when they plan to enrol their child to Abacus training. AbacusMaster has been giving the adequate guidance for more than a decade and our study centers are provided enough orientation on this. Let's talk about this in here.


It is a well accepted quote that "Learning has no age bars", but when it comes to Abacus, it is not that accurate. You can learn abacus at any age, but inorder to master the speed and mental calculation skills, it has to be started at a very young age.

Though, Abacus can be learned at any age, the obvious benefits are seen when a kid starts learning abacus during early years of education.

It is important that the student can count upto 100 prior joining for Abacus training. Considering this pre-requisite, Abacus has been taught all over from the age of 5 or 6. At this age, children have the required motor skills to manipulate the Abacus bead movements with confidence.

The higher the age, students will have more assignments from their academic studies, which will keep them away from practising abacus. Abacus does requires a lots of practice to master the technique, and the time available to practice will be higher at younger age compared to high school grades. Having said that, we do have many students who have done exceptionally well at higher grades. So, it depends.

At the age 0f 5-6, Students have learned numbers, and immediately with abacus training, they starts practising addition and subtraction. This makes them comfortable with numbers and operations from the beginning itself. Like in almost all subjects with young children, student results are much improved when the parent remains engaged, the same applies to Abacus too.



arjun valiyaparambil
Arjun Valiyaparambil

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