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International Abacus Olympiad- 2022: A Quick Recap.

The biggest international abacus Olympiad (IAO) of all time has followed the legacy of its previous years and has been a big triumph this year also. International Abacus Olympiad, more commonly known among others as  IAO, was a tremendous success this time. The IAO is a platform for children where they evaluate and improve themselves in the field of the abacus.

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IAO being conducted by one of the world's leading after-school providers, WIZYCOM ABACUSMASTER has its own elegance and thus making it one of the most awaited events of all time all over the world. IAO 2022, has surpassed the number of participants from the previous year making it to 1 million + participants in over 100+ countries and the exams were conducted on the 2, 3, and 4 of September 2022.

In today's world abacus has become an integral part of daily life, which urges the need for such Innovative and challenging Olympiads. The increasing number of participants each year itself is evidence of the need for the exam. The exams were conducted online and that gave the worldwide opportunity to attend.Student happy with Abacus olympiad test

The abacus olympiad by Abacusmaster never compromises the quality of the exam for the satisfaction of the parents and students, rather gives in a true self-evaluation test with the intention of improvement and essence of a Global competition.

The competition is well known for its special and unique Levels of four, which differ in the difficulty level ranging from the capability of the students, giving an open way to measure one's strengths and areas for improvement. The results were out on 15 September 2022. There were exciting prizes for the winners and complimentary prizes for the others.

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The international abacus Olympiad was a big hit and a success like all the other years. Congratulations to all winners and the great masters out there. Despite the post-pandemic, the enthusiasm of the children, as well as the parents was the fuel for the Global Abacus Competition. The number of participants is substantial proof of the place of the AbacusMaster in the hearts of their families.

This year IAO leaves with the hope of ending the pandemic and life back to being normalized. In anticipation of an offline IAO 2023 to find the stars on land.


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