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Registration for International Online Abacus Olympiad ends on 31st August 2022. Register Here | For More Details

AbacusMaster’s International Level Competition (Online)

National and International level Online Abacus Competitions are also organised, making it possible for students to compete with other franchise students (In India, USA, Australia, Canada, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Spain and many more) and evaluate their performances.

Reseller License of Wizycom’s Interactive Digital Learning Platforms.

Wizycom’s ‘after-school’ learning portal is largely popular around the world especially with schools. The portal includes more than six ‘after-school’ learning modules including the most sought-after AbacusMaster, SpellBytes and WizyPuzzle. We provide the reseller rights to our selected franchise, and they can make huge income only by selling the digital platforms. The T&C’s will be discussed exclusive with the franchise owner.

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