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What is an Abacus?

Basics of Abacus uses and its advantages

Abacus is a simple tool or a hardware used for performing rapid arithmetic calculations. Calculation based on abacus was invented in the ancient times and now widely used as a brain development programme. It consists of a rectangular frame holding a number of vertically arranged rods, on which beads slide up and down.

  • One of the most popular calculating methods from ancient times.
  • Children do fast calculations in mind by visualizing Abacus bead movements.
  • Researches prove that Abacus learners use both sides of the brain- left hemisphere & right hemisphere.
  • Highly effective in improving the concentration level of children.

What is Mental Arithmetic ?

  • ‘Mental Arithmetic’ is a term used in Abacus for the calculations done in mind.
  • Even large numbers can be calculated in mind, that too within seconds
  • ‘Mental arithmetic’ improves student’s imagination skills
  • Effective in cracking competitive time based tests.
  • Mind calculation enhances the concentration level of child.

Parts of Abacus

Structure of student Abacus beads
  • The boundary on all 4 sides of the abacus is called the Frame.
  • The abacus which we are using has 17 rods. Each rod has 5 beads.
  • The abacus is divided into the upper and the lower part by a horizontal bar called the Beam.
  • The beads in the lower part are the Lower Beads or the Earth Beads.
  • The beads in the upper part are the Upper Beads or the Heaven Beads.

What are the advantages of Abacus ?

Benefits of learning Abacus for improving brain memmory
  • Mental arithmetic Calculations
  • Improves Concentration skills
  • Improves imagination skills
  • Sharpen memory power
  • Boost confidence
  • Personality Development

Soroban Method

Soroban Abacus is the traditional Japanese model of Abacus used for performing basic arithmetic operations. Apart from this model, a Chinese version of Abacus was used in ancient times which was called as Saunpan Abacus. The Suanpan is a horizontally structured Abacus that has 2 blocks. The upper block constitutes 2 beads and lower block constitutes 5 beads in each rod.

Model of Chinese Abacus known as Saunpan Abacus

Soroban is a horizontally structured Abacus that has 2 blocks. The upper block constitute of only 1 bead and lower block constitutes of 4 beads in each rod. The red color movable buttons are called beads and the movement of these beads represent numbers.

Red color student abacus with wooden frame

Key factor

Like any other skill, Practice is the key factor to master Abacus. To become a skilled operator, children have to spend atleast 30 minutes a day during the course of learning. After taking a new lesson on Abacus, student must practice the same for atleast 5 days before taking the next lesson. This is the reason why our Abacus centres conduct classes once in a week rather than conducting the classes throughout the week.

Anzan Method

Practice makes Abacus perfect. Yes, in order to perform mental calculations in Abacus, it requires lots of Practice and ‘Anzan’ is the best and proven way of learning and practicing mental Abacus. AbacusMaster, a new age Worldwide Abacus Education program enlightens the Anzan method of practice which is more fun and addictive, and turns matho phobia into matho philia. We provide AbacusMaster Anzan DVD logins upto 8 levels of the curriculum for all the students joined under our franchises. Parents can also monitor the student progress by ensuring that the students practice the same at home or not. Numerous videos are added where numbers flash on the screen with accompanied audio. These videos are available in different speeds, focusing the student’s wide range of learning.

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