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AbacusMaster, the World’s highly reputed Abacus brand directly ties-up with reputed schools to promote quality oriented Abacus training for students. We have been providing Abacus classes all around the Globe more than a decade. We provide the finest learning experience with unique study materials that helps to boost the mental calculation ability of students in its best proven way.

Today, Abacus has been widely used in many schools as an external agent in-troduced to improve the accuracy and speed of mathematics calculations. Studies have shown that abacus not only increases the ability of children in performing mathematics calculations, but also develops the overall cognitive skills.

Here we are delivering a platform for schools, to facilitate abacus education (through online and offline models) which can foster the brain development of students along with the known mathematical skills.


School Mode

Abacus learning can be introduced to students as part of their school curriculum or as an after-school activity. It would help students to improve their concentration and memory power. It also enhances the child’s problem solving ability.

Physical mode of

School can nominate one or two teachers who will be trained by us.

Unique access to the student administration and training portal

Student kits and other training materials will be provided.

Centralised online examinations and Certification.

24 x 7 support and continuous development guidelines.

Online Portal Mode

Abacus learning can also be introduced through online with AbacusMaster’s Online learning portal. Schools can also introduce it to their digital classroom through learning portal. Students who wish to learn abacus through online or learn it from anywhere can choose this mode.

Web based online-self learning portal

Separate portal logins will be given to each student

Learn and practice either at school or home

Online examination upon completing each level

Student abacus rod will be

24 x 7

Enquiry form

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