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What is the need of learning abacus especially in this age, when everything is done at the click of a button (calculator or computer)? Well, the significance of Abacus has increased drastically due to the same fact that we use more technology these days rather than brain for arithmetic operations and analytical reasoning. Technology aided tools are making us lose the ability of our brain to perform many functions that we would otherwise be good at. Abacus learning is important for children especially in growing years as it plays an instrumental role in moulding a fully functional brain and developing other cognitive skills.

How abacus helps in improving Cognitive skills?

While using an abacus, co-ordination of different senses of the body including sight, sound and hand co-ordination are needed. The mind performs physical and logical actions at the same time. This stimulates brain development at an early age and more importantly is an aid for removing the fear of numbers in children.

Learning Abacus math is fundamental in the budding years of a child. A child often starts to visualize the abacus bead movements and perform calculations in mind if he/she is in the process of learning Abacus. This action, that of creating a virtual image in the mind itself will boost memory and sharpen cerebral construction of a child.

Why is Abacus Learning essential?

Abacus Students Thinking

Abacus learning programme provides significant benefits to children in enhancing the learning skills, photographic memory, visualisation skills, increasing speed, higher concentration, attaining accuracy and proficiency in all subjects. Due to this, this 2000 year old technique remain as the most sought after course for learning even at this digital age.

Abacus is a very foundational and systematic learning process which involves the movement of the beads with your eyes, and then think with your brain and make a move with your fingers. Abacus Learning traditionally consists of several levels depending on the Abacus vendor and is usually between 8-10. Each level is usually have a duration of three months, slightly varied based on the age of the student. Now, this takes a child approximately two years to get through all these levels and completely master abacus skills. It is however a challenging task. Many students withdraw before reaching a level of proficiency due to the fact that the depth of learning is deeper especially at higher levels. This can be avoided if a minimum level of parental support and motivation is given to the child during the practice session of Abacus. We have witnessed dramatic improvement in children's skills and brain functioning with Abacus education which in turn enhances self-esteem in a highly positive way.

During growing years, kids learn faster, so, it would be great if you enrol your kids to an abacus classes at an early age. While we all want our children to achieve great heights in life, it’s important to underline that early childhood is the most crucial period especially for the development of brain and other cognitive skills. Any child who knows basic counting from 1 to 100 is technically qualified to be enrolled into Abacus classes.

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