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An abacus or a Japanese soroban is a simple instrument for performing rapid arithmetical calculations. It consists of a rectangular frame holding a number of vertically arranged rods, on which beads slides up and down.

Abacus learning helps improves problem solving skills, sharpen concentration, develops confidence and improves memory power in children.

The best age to introduce abacus learning is from 5 years until the age of 15 years. This period is said to be the brain developing stage, which makes it easier for the child to master abacus.

Yes , adult can also learn abacus at any age, but the only thing is that they need to put in more time and effort to master it, as compared to a child in the age group of 5 to 15 years.

No, the confusion will not arise. The child who have already learnt the basic addition and subtraction in school is learning how to do the same on the abacus, but with much greater speed and accuracy. In school the child would be doing problems which involves step-by-step method. The advantage the child gets is that they can crosscheck the accuracy of the answer where quickly if they have learnt abacus too.

Practice is the most important thing in perfecting abacus calculation. With regular practice only, the students can improve the speed for doing mental calculations.

Once the finger movements are perfected on the real abacus rod, one can gradually start doing mental calculations. With regular practice the speed of mental calculations can be improved drastically.

Yes, the child can do mental calculations even after they complete their course. The only thing is that they should keep practicing it in between.

The speed of mental calculation in abacus can be maintained and improved by doing practice for atleast half an hour daily.

There are in all 8 levels in abacus.

Abacus is used to perform all the basic arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also be used to extract the square root and the cubic root.

The abacus calculation is performed by using one-hand finger movement or two-hand finger movements.

Two-hand finger movements are more effective as it is said that in this calculation method the right side of our brain is used to its maximum capacity.

On the right hand the thumb is used to move the lower beads up and the index finger for moving the lower beads down and also the upper beads up & down movement. On the left hand the index finger is used to move the lower bead up & down movement and the middle finger for the upper bead up & down movement.

The rod with a dot is used to indicate the unit rod on the abacus.

For Online learning abacus books are not mandatory as the contents are all incorporated in the portal itself. But for Offline learning books are needed for practice.

To maintain the speed of abacus calculation even after completing the course, one needs to make sure that they practice mental calculation on a regular basis.

Toddler can start learning abacus if they know the basic addition and subtraction process manually. They can start by doing simple calculation without using rules.

The interest in learning and teaching abacus is the main criteria for the person interested in becoming an abacus trainer.

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