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    1. What is the process of taking up the franchise?
      • First of all, on request, our team would send you the Franchise Manual which explains the overall structure of the program, features and the general T&C’s.
      • Once you are OK to proceed, our team will forward you a set of documents containing The Check list, Application Form and the M.O.U.
      • The duly filled and signed documents should be forwarded to Wizycom office for processing. (Both soft and hard copy)
      • Once received, AbacusMaster support team will verify all the documents and will intimate you on the approval status.
      • Once approved, you will be asked to nominate a person (can nominate upto 2 people) as trainer. AbacusMaster shall conduct an induction for the trainer on how to use the AbacusMaster Training Portal and how to teach Abacus.
    2. What is the franchise licence validity period?The franchise licence is valid for 3 years after which it has to be renewed.
    3. Will I be provided with the Franchise certificate?Yes, you would be provided with the franchise certificate valid for 3 years. After renewal, we will provide you with the new one.
    4. Will you provide the teachers to teach abacus in my franchise?No, you have to appoint the teachers their locally. If interested you can yourself be the trainer.
    5. How is the appointed teacher training session held?The training is held through Skype. It would be a 2-3 hrs session. Only one day is needed for the initial training. After the training is done, the trainer needs to practice with the worksheet and anzan videos for level 1. If any doubts arise during practice, they can note it down and we would arrange another session to clear them.
    6. Is there any specific qualification needed for the teachers to be appointed as abacus trainers?Specific education qualification in mathematics is not mandatory to be an abacus trainer. The person should be interested in learning and teaching abacus, is the only criteria.
    7. Is the teachers training impart only once?No, there are usually 3 session of training for the trainer. First one is held initially, where the basics of abacus and addition/subtraction method of abacus calculation is taught. Next is held before the 4 th level to teach multiplication method and lastly before the 5 th level for teaching division methods on abacus.
    8. Do you provide marketing assistance?Yes, marketing materials like brochure, banner, roll-up etc. are incorporated in the individual franchise portal, which can be used by you as and when needed.
    9. Will you be helping in the marketing?Local marketing you have to do it yourself. But our team will help your franchise promotions in all our social media platforms.
    10. Are the kits provided to each student?Yes, each of your student would get the kits for each level. The kit for level 1 includes a bag, an abacus rod, Level 1 book, pencil and eraser. From level 2 onward, each level book is provided.
    11. Do I have to pay extra for the shipping of the kits?No, the shipping cost is inclusive in the one-time level fees paid by you before starting each level.
    12. How many levels are there in abacus?There are in all 8 level of abacus learning. All the basic arithmetic calculation like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught.
    13. If a student has completed the initial level from some other company, can they be admitted in AbacusMaster to the next higher level?The student has to pay the registration fees, go through the previous level contents, attempt the exam and then move on the current level they want to join.
    14. How are the exams conducted?The exams for the students are conducted online through the franchise portal.
    15. Do I need to pay the exams fees?No, the exams fees are inclusive in the level wise fees paid by you initially before starting the level.
    16. Are the certificates provided to the students?Students successfully passing the online exam are given certificates for all the levels.
    17. If the student fails the exam, what is the next step?Students can repeat the exam twice and no extra cost for the repeated attempt.
    18. Do I have to pay any royalty?No royalty fees to be paid to us.
    19. Are there any franchise fees to be paid?Yes, initially a one-time franchise fees has to be paid, which is inclusive of the teachers training cost and the trainers kit (consisting on a 13 Rod Teacher abacus, all 8 level books and a 17 rod student abacus)
    20. How can I maintain the student details?Each franchise is provided with a separate franchise portal where all the activities related to student database management can be handled easily.
    21. Do you have any Online learning modules available for student unable to attend classes?Yes, we have Online abacus learning portal, with the help of which the students can learn from the comfort of there home. The contents are incorporated in a structured manner which make it easier to learn abacus. In addition, we have other module like Spellbytes (to learn spellings and improve vocabulary) and Wizypuzzle (to test skills related to solving puzzle, teasers, riddles etc.)
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