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The course is for 3 months. In all 4 classes are held per month of around 2 hr duration each.
The classes are conducted through Skype. It will be a One-to-one session.
Yes, after completion of the course and successfully passing the exam, you would be given the AbacusMaster’s Certified Abacus Teachers Training certificate.
No, the exam fees are inclusive in the package.
The training is imparted in English, Hindi and Malayalam.
Once you complete this program, you are promoted as a brand ambassador of AbacusMaster company. You can start a franchise of our company with minimal investment at your location or join as an Associated Partner for all our Online products sale with a handsome reward.
Register for the Teachers training program and can make payment through card or direct bank transfer.
There are 2 options available. One-time and Monthly payment.
After each class the trainer would give you task to be done at home. If while practicing, any doubts arises, you note it down and clear it in the next session all together.
We are providing free access to our Online Abacus Learning portal for 1 year now. All the materials including worksheets, Anzan videos, mental accelerator is incorporated in the portal.
All the basic arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and also decimal calculations are taught.
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