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We're looking for a Business Development Associate whose primary focus will be on driving sales and marketing initiatives to promote the company's educational products and services.

Person should have:
Bachelor's degree.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • English and Hindi speaking skills.
Responsibilities and Duties
1. Sales and Lead Generation:
  • Identify and qualify leads in the education sector.
  • Build a strong sales pipeline through calls, emails, and networking.
2. Client Engagement:
  • Cultivate relationships with key decision-makers in educational institutions.
  • Conduct product demos and address client inquiries.
3. Sales and Marketing Collaboration:
  • Work with marketing to align sales efforts with strategies.
  • Contribute to sales campaigns and provide market insights.
4. Reporting and Analysis:
  • Maintain sales records and generate performance reports.
  • Analyze data to optimize sales strategies.
5. CRM Utilization:
  • Manage customer information and track interactions using CRM tools.
  • Ensure timely follow-up on leads and maintain strong customer relationships.
How to Apply

Please drop your CV’s at We will review and contact you.

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