INTERNATIONAL LEVEL ONLINE ABACUS COMPETITION ( ILC ) : For students of all the AbacusMaster franchisees outside India would be held on 20th and 21st September 2019

How can I learn Abacus online?AbacusMaster builds the first interactive Abacus learning portal with which anyone can easily master Abacus skills.

What do you mean by structured curriculum?To gain the potential benefits, Abacus has to be learned in a structured and dedicated way. Our program is divided into 8 levels considering these aspects and if followed correctly, students can easily achieve the skills.

How do you ship the real rod Abacus?We do the shipping Worldwide via Speedpost and tracking facility is also available.

Will you provide more than 1 abacus rod?We provide only one abacus rod with the purchase. If you require more numbers, please contact our team.

My son doesn’t attend any classes on Abacus yet. Can he get enrolled?To join our program, there is no previous knowledge on Abacus required. We start from the very basics and the child will find it very easy and interesting.

Is the portal compatible with both Windows and Mac?Yes, the portal can be accessed from both Windows and MAC machines.