Abacus portal FAQ
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How can I learn Abacus online?

AbacusMaster builds the first interactive Abacus learning portal with which anyone can easily master Abacus skills.

What are the advantages of learning abacus Online?

The advantages of learning abacus online is that one does not need to travel to the classes, can learn from anywhere (home, office etc.) and do it at their own convenient time.

Will the outcome be same as classroom abacus learning?

Yes, the result achieved in Online learning will be same as offline learning a child does by attending classes.

What way is the Online abacus learning different from Offline classes?

The only difference in the Online way of leaning abacus is that there is no one-to-one interaction with the teacher.

Can I finish each level at my own pace with the online learning portal?

Yes, you can complete each level at your own pace. Usually each level can be completed within 1 and a half months with regular practice of atleast half an hour.

How can I go through the exam process for each level?

After going through all the contents of a particular level, the student can decide when to go through the exam process and register for it. After registration the exam can be attempted after 24 hrs.

What are Anzan Video practice?

They are the practice videos with already set time. Numbers are displayed on the screen and the student has to do the calculation on the abacus or mentally and get the answers before it is shown in the video.

How should my child start abacus learning process using the Online portal?

In Online Learning Portal the contents are arranged in a structured manner. The child would start from Level 1 going through each and every tab on the left-hand side one-by-one. Once it is completed can practice more with the help of the infinite Random Worksheets and Anzan Video practices. They can also practice with the Mental accelerator by setting their own criteria regarding time and no. of digits.

What do you mean by structured curriculum?

To gain the potential benefits, Abacus has to be learned in a structured and dedicated way. Our program is divided into 8 levels considering these aspects and if followed correctly, students can easily achieve the skills.

How do you ship the real rod Abacus?

We offer worldwide shipping, and international shipping charges apply.

Will you provide more than 1 abacus rod?

We provide only one abacus rod with the purchase. If you require more numbers, please contact our team.

My son doesn’t attend any classes on Abacus yet. Can he get enrolled?

To join our program, there is no previous knowledge on Abacus required. We start from the very basics and the child will find it very easy and interesting.

What are the contents in the abacus portal?

The Online abacus portal consist of Abacus lessons, Animated explanations, Anzan practice videos, Unlimited Random Worksheets, Mental accelerator, Workbook pages etc.

How many levels are there?

There are 8 levels in the Online Abacus Learning Portal.

Does the portal support on mobile phones?

The portal is a web-based learning program and not a dedicated mobile app. You can learn through laptops and desktop’s, both MAC and windows.

Is there any exam/ assessment process?

There is an exam after each level. It is mandatory prior moving to the next level.

Would I be given any certificates?

Yes, there will be E- Certificate available after every level of the examination.

How do you provide infinite random worksheets?

We provide a tool which generates infinite number of random worksheets. An additional feature to print these worksheets is also available.

I need to know the contents of the portal prior purchasing it. Is there any option available for that?

There is a free registration available in the portal, which will be valid for 24 hrs. With this free registration, you can check all the features in the portal.

I have already completed 2 levels of abacus, can I start from the 3rd level from the portal?

No, the contents are incorporated in a structured manner, so has to start from Level 1 itself, attend the exam and then move to the higher level, one-by-one.

If I buy the Basic module now, can I upgrade it later? How much I have to pay then?

Yes, you can upgrade it to the GOLD module by paying the difference in the amount and gain access for additional one year.

In the Premium module, Abacus rod and books are also inclusive as per your website. Do I need to pay the shipping expenses for the same?

No. The price is all inclusive including Worldwide shipping and packing .

In the expert assistance feature on Premium module, how will be the online assistance conducted?

Only assistance is through Skype. The date and the time for the session would be decided mutually.

How many hours should I practice to get the mental math skills?

Daily practice of atleast half an hour is needed to master abacus calculations. If then, you will see the results within six months itself.

If a student successfully clears the exam, can he reset the exam for a better score?

No, once the exams are successfully cleared, it is not possible to give a retest for it. If the result is failed, then only the reexam can be registered and attempted again.

Can a student be able to review the lower level at any time? or will the current level be locked out after getting into higher level?

Once the student clears the current level exams, the contents of the next level are automatically accessible. As one moves to the higher levels, the lower level contents is accessible as and when needed.

Can we try a demo exam in free registration module?

To attend the exam, first registration needs to be done from your portal. After 24 hrs of the registration, the exam engine would be active and the student can attempt the exam. Before attempting the actual exam, the students can check the SAMPLE EXAM to know the exam pattern.
In the demo access, exams cannot be attended nor the sample be tested.

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