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certified abacus teacher training course to start a career in abacus training

AbacusMaster’s Teachers Training Program

AbacusMaster’s Certified Teacher training program focuses for those who are interested in abacus and passion towards teaching. The growing trend of abacus education in this era, gives an opportunity to begin a new business with low investment. AbacusMaster gives you an opportunity to train children; abacus based mental arithmetic as well as grows their cognitive skills. The program emphasis on a person’s teaching skills and improve the knowledge on new education technologies.

Our program aims to provide you the best quality teacher training and adequate branded abacus content for an effective education. A three month training program helps you to understand the whole abacus methods, calculations and techniques as well as helps you to train children and run a business.

training for the teachers with the most reputed instituite in abacus

Program Features

teaching by the experts

Learn from

Achieve your career goals with subject experts and advanced learning methodologies.

certified course in abacus teacher training


You’ll be able to accelerate your professional growth easily as never before.

start abacus at home

Learn from Home

Choose your own learning environment that works best for you.

provide the support to start a career in abacus training
training with all the necessary materials and learning kit

Career development support

We provide assistance and guidance to open a centre under Abacus-Master brand name.

flexible time for abacus study

Flexible timing

As the course is designed as one to one training, timing can be adjusted according to convenience.

all students get access to the most popular abacus training portal

Access to training portal

Teachers will get one year access to abacus training portal

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One Time

$260*3 Months



Payment includes

  • Teacher Training

  • Exam fee

  • Certification Cost

  • Online portal access