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AbacusMaster’s Teachers
Training Program

Our program aims to provide you the best quality teacher training and adequate branded abacus content for an effective education. A three month training program helps you to understand the whole abacus methods, calculations and techniques as well as helps you to train children and run a business.

Program Methodology


Learn is the process where you are given the actual training by one of our expert teacher.


Test is the process where your knowledge is tested and evaluated.


Observe is a process where you will be given a chance to participate in an actual live class.


This stage puts everything together and enables you to revise and review all that you have learned so far.

Learn from experts

Achieve your career goals with subject experts and advanced learning methodologies.

Access to training portal

Teachers will get one year access to abacus training portal


You’ll be able to accelerate your professional growth easily as never before.

Flexible timing

As the course is designed as one to one training, timing can be adjusted according to convenience.

Duration of class

3 Months

Mode of class


Mode of exam


What are you actually going to learn ?

How will you go from having little to no teaching experience to becoming a competent and confident
Abacus trainer in just 3 months.


$ 300
  • 3Months
  • Training kit i Abacus rod and all 8 level textbooks
  • Exam fee
  • Certification Cost
  • Online portal access


  • 1 Month
  • Training kit i Abacus rod and all 8 level textbooks
  • Exam fee
  • Certification cost
  • Online portal access

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