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Graphical representation of the abacus with audio and animation is very effective…am excited in starting abacus maths classes now - Au zte nu, Vietnam

My younger child started showing interest in learning abacus seeing his brother do so with the AbacusMaster tutorial. Really impressed - Rajiv Kapoor, Udaipur

Loved the abacus tricks and abacus formulas. Now we all have learned to use abacus and completed the abacus sum portions - Said Al Mantri, Turkey

I’m writing on behalf of my 8 year old son. The Online Abacus Learning Portal is a Good program, easy to use. The textbooks are an excellent resource also and I like being able to generate additional random worksheets for him.We highly recommend AbacusMaster and feel it is very good value for money.- Lois Foreshew, Hialeah, Florida, United States

Bought the GOLD version…..happy to inform you that I can finish all 8 levels at my own pace….very effective online abacus training- SARA SUMMER, AUSTRALIA

Practitising daily with ANZAN videos has made me good at abacus in a very short span of time..Really impressed with the effort that went behind the abacus class videos.- VENKAT RAMANNA, CHENNAI

Excellect mode of Abacus math learning online….thanks AbacusMaster team for such a fabulous product.- TIMBERLY, USA

Was searching for such a product for long. Now I have started abacus classes for kids. Impressed with the brain gym modules and expecting more from you.- OLIVIA GODWIN, FRANCE

Purchased the BASIC version to understand the concept of abacus maths online…now wish to upgade to GOLD..really happy with the product.- AKASH, GUWAHATI

This online abacus classes are perfect for everyone, no matter the age. Really surprised to see other brain training modules along with Abacus.- MOHIT NAGPAL, NEW DELHI

Tried this portal for abacus math classes. Now ended up addicted to other modules as well, especially wizypuzzle and spellbytes.- GEORGE MICHEAL , SWITZERLAND

Looking long time for an abacus course for kids. This portal is excellent in a way, that it approaches a slow but more effective way of abacus training.- SAM STEWARDS, NEW ZEALAND

Using this portal for six months now and am always surprised to see newer modules added almost every month. Really loved the spelling bee module which is an added bonus for parents like me.- CHRISYL JONES, DOHA

It’s very good course to learn and practice abacus. Me and my daughter love the Abacus and all the new modules added. Keep going team AbacusMaster.- FARSANA BASHEER, TEXAS

The best thing I liked about AbacusMaster is their excellent customer service and support. Really happy with the online portal, surely the best abacus learning program.- Reinhard Harley, USA

EXCELLENT! Works really well. This is great tool to learn abacus. What a great service you guys provided to my son..And the modules like puzzles, Sudoku, Audio fables are all great modules. Thanks a lot team AbacusMaster.- Salish G, India

I bought this for my son, and it was me who has learned Abacus. Sounds funny, but it actually helped me to learn Abacus. Now, am thinking to open a class in my neighbourhood with my son as first student.– Amelia Parker, Canada.

Happy with the portal, and more happy that I was offered a promotion to upgrade from tutorial to portal with a discounted rate. Looking forward to see more products on the line.- Michael Webber

I really liked the program, especially the tools like mental accelerator and unlimited worksheets generator. I would suggest you to make the theme more colourful, since I feel children finds it more attractive - Suhas Dharane, Delhi.

This online abacus program is perfect for anyone, no matter the age, to learn abacus in a structured manner. I would recommend this to my friends………. Very well done!!.–Liliana Sanchez, Spain

Thanks for asking me to ask for a review. I really loved this, and my little one is showing impressive skills in abacus mental calculations. Moreover, am sitting on your portal quiet often with puzzle and quiz modules. – Jessie Blevins, Finland.

Our entire family is addicted on puzzle module. It is wide, huge and fun. Really appreciate if you can create multiple users in one account…as we all want to compete each other. – Carlos Ferrer, Italy.

Impressive. Appreciate the team behind and their intentions. Instead of opening all modules together, it is a good approach to make it progressive. Otherwise, I would have jumped all in one day and reach now where. – Asma Begum, Dubai.

I bought this for my nephew and want to say million thanks to the team behind. She is learning abacus quiet well and am getting credits for that.- Jobin Jose, Muscat.

There are no abacus classes nearby and I finally ended up subscribing the online course. Liked the Abacus classes so much and very much surprised to see the surprise modules, and that too without any upgrade.- Merina Jose, Canada.

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